At the end of every assignment we seek feedback from our clients in order to continuously improve our service. For this, we send to our clients an evaluation form for each to complete. Below we present a summary of the results of the evaluations that our clients have made about our services. The results are very gratifying: 97% of the answers are "Excellent" or "Very Good".

To the right we list the clients that have trusted Ocupantes with their real estate projects.

Evaluation of Ocupantes' Services

Excellent Very Good Good Reasonable Bad
Reports and analyses presented 46% 50% 4% - -
Speed of response to questionss 54% 39% 7% - -
Management of and support to the progress of the assignment 64% 29% 7% - -
Strategy adopted and results of negotiations 61% 32% 7% - -
Understanding of individual and corporate needs 61% 21% 14% - -