How can a firm that defends the interests of landlords defend the interests of occupiers and tenant's of these landlords?

This is why Ocupantes is the first real estate consulting firm in Brazil to act exclusively for the Office, Industrial and Retail occupiers, thereby being able to ensure that negotiations are undertaken in defense of the client´s best interests.

Ocupantes' professionals have in-depth experience, having acted in the local market for many years, always obtaining excellent results and client reviews by generating savings and tranquility for the clients.

We service international firms as well as local. Ocupantes, through international partnerships as well as direct relationships, has undertaken jobs for multinationals interested in expanding their business in Brazil. Our staff is bi-lingual and bi-cultural, and now the largest team dedicated to corporate services in Brazil.

Therefore, our customers can count on our entire team and be sure that with Ocupantes they will be taking the first step towards the best deal.

In 2016 Ocupantes managed:

R$ 316 million
in transactions worth on behalf of its clients
In 1.2
million sqm of
office and industrial space
office-related transactions in Brazil
industrial-related transactions in Brazil