At Ocupantes, we believe in excellence and dedication to our clients, providing unparalleled quality services to meet the unique needs of end users of corporate spaces. Our focus is clear: to offer Built-to-Suit solutions that not only exceed expectations, but also guarantee an environment without conflict of interests.

Our Built-to-Suit Services

I. Strategic Initial Scheduling

We begin the Built-to-Suit process by scheduling strategic meetings to fully understand each client's unique needs. This lays a solid foundation for planning and construction, ensuring that each step is carried out with precision.

II. Location Analysis

Our team carries out a thorough analysis of the location desired by the client. We evaluate accessibility, infrastructure, available services and other critical factors that influence the choice of the ideal location for the Built-to-Suit project.

III. Space Planning

Based on the client's needs and vision, we develop a highly personalized space plan. Every detail is carefully considered to optimize functional areas and harmonize with customer-specific operations and workflows.

IV. Detailed Design Guidelines

Our experts create detailed design guidelines based on the created space plan. These guidelines serve as a fundamental reference for architects and engineers who will shape the final design of the building.

V. High Construction Standards

In addition to design guidelines, we establish rigorous construction guidelines that set unmatched quality standards. Aspects such as materials, sustainability, energy efficiency and relevant criteria are carefully addressed.

VI. Selection of Qualified Partners

We have issued a Request for Information (RFI) directed to qualified contractors. This allows us to obtain detailed information about your capabilities, ensuring we choose the ideal partner for the project.

VII. Proposals Aligned with Expectations

Based on the information in the RFI, we issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to shortlisted contractors. This detailed document aligns with the needs of the project and establishes strict criteria for evaluating proposals.

VIII. Conflict-Free Due Diligence

We manage the Due Diligence process independently, ensuring that all aspects are treated thoroughly. We perform legal, technical and financial analyzes to ensure transparency and compliance.

IX. Firm and Committed Contract

After selecting a contractor, we assist in creating a solid contract and drafting a binding Letter of Intent (LOI). This establishes the essential terms for the Built-to-Suit project.

X. Accurate Supervision and Regular Audits

During the construction phase, we provide precise supervision to ensure flawless project execution. We carry out regular audits to monitor progress, construction quality and strict adherence to stipulated deadlines.

At Ocupantes, we are committed to offering Built-to-Suit services that elevate excellence, without conflicts of interest, meeting expectations and exceeding them at each stage. Your vision is our commitment.