At Ocupantes, the quality of our Contract Management services is unparalleled. We are committed to providing a differentiated and impartial approach, especially aimed at end users of corporate spaces. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients enjoy a smooth process, free from conflicts of interest, whilst maximizing the potential of their occupancy opportunities.

I. Data Collection and Integration into the Administration System

At Ocupantes, collecting data relating to each managed contract is a fundamental step. Contractual details, rental values ??and due dates, among other relevant information, are meticulously gathered. This data is then meticulously entered into our contract administration system. This approach guarantees centralized and effective management, supported by accurate information.

II. Monitoring Critical Dates and Strategic Renewals

Our team at Ocupantes maintains proactive surveillance over critical dates linked to rental contracts. Expirations, renewal options and rent reviews are monitored closely. Using this information, we generate timely alerts and carry out appropriate contractual reviews. This continuous effort aims to optimize contractual conditions and ensure the continuity of leases, without any bias or conflicts.

III. Detailed Reports and Opportunity Identification

As part of our Contract Management services, we offer detailed reports to our clients. These comprehensive reports highlight key information related to each property. We include comprehensive analyzes of contractual conditions, identifying renewal opportunities, potential savings and associated risks. This empowering approach helps our clients make informed strategic decisions, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

IV. Assessment of Renewal Opportunities

In addition to regular reports, Ocupantes stands out for its in-depth assessments of lease renewal opportunities. This encompasses detailed analysis of market conditions, relevant trends and possible contractual improvements. Our team provides clear recommendations and strategic guidance to tenants, with the aim of maximizing property value and optimizing lease renewals. We ensure that our impartial and thorough analysis is a valuable asset to our clients, enabling them to make informed and beneficial decisions.

At Ocupantes, excellence is the norm in our Contract Management services. Our impartial approach and unwavering focus on the end users of corporate spaces ensure that every decision is based on the best interests of our clients.