At Ocupantes, the quality of our Industrial Procurement services is our top priority. With a customer-centric approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive, strategic support for companies looking for industrial facilities that perfectly meet their needs. Our difference lies in our emphasis on the satisfaction of the end user of corporate spaces, eliminating any conflicts of interest.

I. Detailed Analysis of General Requirements

Our team conducts a thorough review of each client's overall requirements, taking into account their specific needs regarding space, location and industrial resources. We understand that each company is unique and, therefore, our approach is completely personalized.

II. Market Research and Options Assessment

Through comprehensive market research, we identify new options and spaces available in the industrial sector. Our experts consider critical factors such as location, size, infrastructure and accessibility. Furthermore, we carry out detailed comparative analyzes of the different options, considering storage capacity, layout, facilities and associated costs. We also evaluate the feasibility of land for building custom facilities.

III. Financial Analysis and Transparent Contracts

Our comprehensive financial analysis takes into account all aspects, from operational costs to the adaptations necessary to adapt the facilities to customer demands. We assist in preparing requests for proposals (RFP) for the acquisition of industrial facilities, ensuring that all specifications are addressed. We use a trade tracker to keep trades transparent and efficient. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to drafting letters of intent (LOI) and reviewing contracts thoroughly, aligning each clause with the client's interests. We also perform detailed reviews of ownership and lease documents to ensure legality and compliance.

IV. Relationship with Construction Management Team

We maintain a close relationship with the design and construction management team, ensuring a seamless transition between the procurement phase and construction execution, if necessary. This ensures that all plans and specifications are effectively communicated and implemented.

V. Final Delivery Inspections and Contract Execution Management

Our final inspections ensure that all conditions established in the contracts are fully met before handing over the facilities to the client. Furthermore, our team maintains continuous management of contracts, ensuring compliance with all contractual obligations throughout the agreed period.

At Ocupantes, our commitment to quality, transparency and excellence ensures a smooth and successful journey in acquiring industrial facilities, enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently.