At Ocupantes, we are committed to offering high quality services, driven by our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our differentiated approach focuses exclusively on end users of corporate spaces, eliminating any conflict of interest and ensuring that their needs are our top priority.

Strategic Acquisitions of Corporate Offices

With our strategic approach and comprehensive services, Ocupantes provides a corporate office acquisition experience that is both commercially viable and efficient. We carry out detailed research, comparative analysis and careful financial assessments to ensure that our clients identify the ideal office that perfectly meets their business needs and strategic objectives.

Our Services in Detail

I. Market Research and Opportunity Analysis

Our team conducts comprehensive research to identify available corporate offices on the market. Each result is thoroughly analyzed, taking into account crucial factors such as location, size, amenities and cost.

II. Personalized Approach Strategies

We closely monitor the movement of tenants, identifying acquisition opportunities in already occupied offices. Our commitment to ethics leads us to approach potential renters respectfully, assessing their needs and offering solutions aligned to their unique requirements. Additionally, we actively explore other opportunities, such as vacant spaces or commercial properties available for sale.

III. Strategic Analysis and Ongoing Guidance

We carefully examine the composition of the client's portfolio, identifying improvements and expansion opportunities. By analyzing opportunities for reorganization and optimization of spaces, we aim to improve efficiency and productivity. By staying up to date on emerging trends and our clients' market knowledge, we provide valuable insights to inform strategic decisions.

IV. Financial Assessment and Well-Structured Contracts

Our team meticulously reviews the client's financial and strategic requirements, ensuring that each step is aligned with established goals. In-depth financial analysis considers all operational and fit-out costs for each office option, ensuring informed decision-making.

V. Transparency in Negotiation and Efficient Management

We assist in preparing requests for proposals (RFP) and conduct transparent negotiations, supported by market data. We defend the interests of our clients with integrity and seriousness, ensuring that all parties are treated with respect. Our team manages trade progress with a dedicated tracker, simplifying the process.

Additionally, we assist in drafting letters of intent (LOI) and review contracts, ensuring that the client's interests are adequately represented. Our meticulous review of property and lease documents ensures a smooth and legally secure transition. We facilitate an efficient transition for partners and construction management teams, ensuring the successful execution of space plans.

Our final delivery inspections and ongoing management of contract execution ensure that all contractual requirements are met, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and our clients' success. At Ocupantes, quality, transparency and ethics are at the heart of everything we do.