At Ocupantes, we prioritize excellence in our services, offering Rental Renewals and Reviews that stand out for their quality and the absence of conflicts of interest. Our sole dedication to meeting the needs of corporate space end users is what sets us apart. With a strategic and specialized approach, our team is committed to optimizing the value of our clients' commercial spaces.

Our Services in Detail:

I. Requirements Analysis

We carry out a detailed analysis of the needs and strategic objectives of each client, taking into account the specificities of their commercial spaces and budget limitations.

II. Strategic Rental Renewal/Review Report

We have developed a comprehensive report that highlights the options available for rent renewal or review. This document serves as an essential guide for informed decisions.

III. Featured Contracts

We analyze and summarize existing contracts, focusing on key terms, relevant clauses and important dates for renewals or reviews.

IV. Real Estate Market Analysis

We perform a thorough analysis of the real estate market in the property's location, evaluating trends, demand, supply, comparable rental prices and other crucial factors.

V. Relevant Comparables

We create a list of comparable properties, allowing a direct comparison between your current space and other options on the market.

VI. Exploration of New Possibilities

We conduct comprehensive research to identify new commercial spaces and viable alternatives to renewing your current lease.

VII. Customized Trading Strategy

Based on market analysis and client needs, we develop a negotiation strategy that aims to maximize favorable terms during lease renewal or review.

VIII. Comparative Financial Analysis

We carry out a comparative analysis between maintaining the status quo and possible relocations, evaluating the financial implications to determine the most advantageous option.

IX. Complete Negotiation Management

We assume responsibility for the full management of the negotiation process, from interaction with owners and tenants to the conclusion of agreements.

X. Negotiation Monitoring

We use a negotiation tracking tool to track and document each step of the ongoing negotiation process.

XI. Protocol of Intent and Contract Review

We assist in the preparation of the protocol of intent (LOI) and carry out detailed reviews of proposed contracts, ensuring that the terms are favorable to the client's interests.

XII. Contract Signing Support

We offer support in the final stage of the process, ensuring effective and efficient management of the contract signing.

At Ocupantes, we believe that our dedication to quality and our approach focused on the end users of corporate spaces result in excellent services that generate advantageous rental agreements that are strategically aligned with the interests of our clients.