At Ocupantes, we are dedicated to providing high quality services in the field of Sale & Leaseback, a structured operation that aims to raise funds through our clients' fixed assets. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our unique approach stands out by focusing exclusively on the end users of corporate spaces, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

Our Sale & Leaseback Services - How It Works:

I. Accurate and Transparent Valuation of Fixed Assets:

Our highly qualified team of consultants carries out a thorough assessment of the property, considering critical factors of the local real estate market. The result is an accurate and fair determination of sales and rental values, providing a solid basis for subsequent steps.

II. Strategic Partnerships with Investors:

With a wide network of investors in the corporate real estate market, Ocupantes connects your property to genuine interested parties. Our careful approach ensures that the property is presented to the right target audience, leading to an agile and successful negotiation process.

III. Transparent and Efficient Negotiations:

At the heart of our service is clear and transparent trading. Our experts work closely with you to define the negotiable details, facilitating a sales process that may include auctions, bidding or direct sales. Ocupantes takes the lead, ensuring that all negotiations are conducted in a professional and equitable manner.

IV. Closing - Conclusion of the Deal

As we move closer to closing the deal, Ocupantes continues to play a crucial role. We advise and support, when necessary, our clients' lawyers in drafting the Memorandum of Understanding, Purchase and Sale Agreement and Lease Agreement. Our legal experience contributes to a seamless and smooth process.

At Ocupantes, our priority is to provide an exceptional Sale & Leaseback experience, characterized by quality, transparency and the complete elimination of conflicts of interest. Trust us to coordinate each step of the process, from initial assessment to closing the deal, ensuring superior and satisfactory results for our clients.