At Ocupantes, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our services, highlighting unparalleled quality and the complete absence of conflicts of interest. We focus our efforts exclusively on meeting the needs of end users of corporate spaces, ensuring superior results in evaluations and demobilization.

I. Thorough Portfolio Analysis

We begin with a deep understanding of the client's aspirations and a meticulous analysis of the real estate portfolio to be demobilized. Our highly competent team carries out detailed assessments of land, factories and commercial properties aimed at corporate users. These assessments include authoritative analyzes of occupation and exploration, identifying the best options for integration between properties.

II. High-Impact Marketing Strategies

We develop and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies, preparing careful lists of potential interested parties, conducting direct mail campaigns, strategic follow-ups, producing high-quality illustrative material, displaying eye-catching marketing signs and running advertisements in communication vehicles aimed at the target Audience. We employ advanced digital capabilities, including specialized websites, and leverage the expertise of local brokers.

III. Process Coordination

When interested parties express themselves, Ocupantes takes the lead, presenting the properties in a captivating way, organizing and monitoring visits with care, establishing precise goals for values and conditions for each interested party. Our team prepares draft purchase and sale commitments, collaborating harmoniously with client lawyers in their reviews. We maintain ongoing communication with the client, adopting a single point of contact approach, and provide regular reports detailing each step of the demobilization process.

IV. Strategic Negotiations

Each negotiation is meticulously planned, with solid strategies underpinning the entire process. Ocupantes leads with mastery, acting as an efficient intermediary between the client and potential buyers, ensuring internal approvals aligned with the client's objectives.

V. Successful Conclusion

At Ocupantes, we take on the responsibility of guiding each negotiation until the signing of a robust Protocol of Intent or a definitive document, such as a solid Purchase and Sale Agreement. We provide around-the-clock support to the client's legal department or attorneys whenever necessary to ensure a successful and smooth closing.

At Ocupantes, our dedication to quality and transparency is manifested at every stage of our Assessments andDemobilizations of Corporate Spaces. We are committed to exceeding expectations and achieving exceptional results for our clients, while remaining steadfast in our mission to exclusively serve end users of corporate spaces.