The Ocupantes team undertakes portfolio analyses (valuation of land, industries and offices), prepares marketing strategies and coordinates the whole sale and negotiation process, and drafts letters of intent and contracts, thereby giving full support to the client in disposing of properties that exceed operational needs. Click here to see properties for sale with Ocupantes.

Portfolio Analysis

The first step is to comprehend the client´s interests and to analyze the property portfolio to be sold. Our team is able to do valuations of land, industries and offices for corporate clients. These valuations include an occupational analysis and the options of re-use of the properties by the business.


Development and execution of marketing strategies: preparation of lists of potential targets, sending out direct mailing, follow-up, preparation of flyers and brochures, “for-sale” boards, advertising in newspapers and specialized magazines, internet and cooperation with local brokers.


when potential buyers show an interest, Ocupantes follows-up with a presentation of the properties, organization of site visits, determination of deadlines and values, drafting of sale documentation and support to the client's legal team. Our consultants maintain constant contact with the client, adopting the "single point of contact" approach, presenting frequent activity reports.

Negotiation Process

Every negotiation entered into by Ocupantes is preceded by a strategy. Based on this strategy, Ocupantes will coordinate the whole negotiation phase, maintaining full contact with the potential buyers, and assisting the client in internal approval processes.

Closing the Deal

Ocupantes conducts the whole negotiation process until the signature of a Letter of Intent or other definitive document such as a Purchase and Sale Contract, always giving support to the client’s legal team.