At Ocupantes, the quality of services is our main commitment. Specializing in serving end users of corporate spaces, we offer a Lease Termination service that highlights our dedication to ensuring smooth and efficient transitions, without conflicts of interest. When choosing Ocupantes, you can count on an approach focused on satisfying our clients' needs and minimizing the risks associated with lease termination.

Our Lease Termination Services:

I. Review of Contractual Requirements:

Ocupantes conducts a thorough review of contractual requirements, ensuring consideration of all clauses and conditions related to the termination of the lease.

II. Determination of Planned Delivery Date:

We work collaboratively with you to determine the likely delivery date of the leased space following termination, considering contractual deadlines and relevant circumstances.

III. Careful Drafting of the Termination Letter:

Ocupantes assists in creating the draft termination letter, ensuring the inclusion of all essential terms and conditions, aligned with your contractual obligations.

IV. Clear Negotiation with the Tenant:

Our team works with the tenant to negotiate the conditions for delivering the space, promoting transparent and effective communication between all parties involved.

V. Detailed Reports

We prepare detailed reports on the delivery conditions agreed with the lessor, documenting the agreements and preventing possible future disagreements.

VI. Commercialization Opportunities

When necessary, we can assist in marketing the surplus space, fully furnished, helping to find a new tenant who can benefit from the existing improvements.

VII. Organization of Visits for Potential Tenants:

Ocupantes organizes visits to unoccupied space, presenting it to interested potential tenants, reducing vacancy periods.

VIII. Complete Support in the Final Process:

Our team offers support in all final steps with the tenant, ensuring compliance with contractual obligations.

IX. Preparation and Review of Termination Agreements:

We prepare and review the subject matter of the termination agreement, subject to legal analysis by the client's lawyer, to protect your interests and ensure the adequacy of all clauses.

X. Efficient Management of Contractual Execution:

We manage the execution of contracts related to lease termination, ensuring the effective fulfillment of contractual obligations.

At Ocupantes, we are committed to providing quality services, eliminating conflicts of interest and focusing exclusively on the needs of our clients. Count on us to handle your lease terminations in a smooth, efficient and results-oriented manner.