Every move, be it physical or contractual, demands careful analysis. For this reason several procedures are required, ranging from market research and space planning, to preparation of negotiation strategies, financial analyses and support to the client's legal counsel.

Current Occupational Analysis

The first stage involves collecting information about the client related to the type of occupation, location and occupational costs.

Market Research

Only real estate consultants (Tenant Reps) that work in the market on a day-to-day basis will have access to all relevant information. This is fundamental in the preparation of important reports that support decision-making.

Financial and qualitative Analysis of the alternatives

Cash-flows are prepared including an estimate of future costs during the lease term, as well as a comparison between all aspects that a client may find relevant in choosing a new location, such as public transport, proximity to clients and suppliers, among others.

Establishing a negotiation strategy

Once the best alternatives are chosen, a plan is drafted with the client on how the negotiations will proceed. At this point it may be defined, for example, that confidentiality of the client’s name may make a difference to the final price.

Representation in negotiations

Ocupantes, with its team of consultants, conducts the negotiations in a transparent manner, supported by market data previously collected. Ocupantes defends the interests of the client without ever leaving aside the now characteristically serious and ethical approach. In this way respect to both parties is assured.

Preparation of letters of intent and draft contracts

All negotiated items are outlined in a letter of intent signed by all parties. This reduces the risk of either party denying or losing, between commercial agreement and contract signing, the commercial conditions that have already been agreed, especially multinationals that require formal approvals by the head office.

Support to the clients legal team

Considering the extensive experience that the Ocupantes team has regarding Brazilian real estate law, it is natural to offer our clients´legal counsel all the support they may need for approval of the final lease.

Preparation of the inspection report

At the end of every new transaction, Ocupantes will also take part in the preparation of an inspection of the property, to ensure that the client that all contractual agreements relating to the conditions of delivery of the property shall be verified and faults identified.