Ocupantes' support is in all stages of the process: determining client needs, market research, preparation of best-option reports, organization of visits, commercial negotiation of purchase or lease terms and support to the client's legal team in the preparation of contracts.

Definition of Requirements and Assumptions

The starting point is to understand what the client needs as well as the budget and other financial issues. At this moment important points are defined such as physical requirements, geographic preferences, proximity of competitors, proximity to other developments, such as shopping centers, distance to the Metro.

Site Selection

Work starts with on-the-ground research, which will generate the first potential alternatives. This phase ends with the delivery of the research reports, that will contain complete market information and where the alternatives are located.


All milestones of the process are defined together with the client.


Every negotiation process entered into by Ocupantes is preceded by the preparation of strategies. Under this basis, Ocupantes coordinates the negotiation process and the contact with owners or their representative brokers, intervening where necessary to streamline internal approvals within the client organizations.

Single point of contact

Ocupantes adopts the "single point of contact" approach so that the client can minimize time spent on the process and maximize results, since the process is being conducted by specialists.