Sale & Leaseback operations are a means for liberating resources by selling occupied property yet remaining in occupation as a tenant. Ocupantes coordinates the whole process, which may involve, for example, definition of rental and sale value, marketing, selection of investors, negotiations and support to the legal team

Market valuation of properties (rental or sale value)

Our teams of consultants will undertake a detailed inspection of the property and determine sale and/or lease values, based on market information in the region.

Definition of target public and presentation of the property

Ocupantes has contacts with several investors in the corporate office market to whom the property and the client can be presented. The interested parties are selected, and participate in the negotiation process.


Initially all negotiable items are defined. The sale method is defined based on demand, and may be by way of informal tender or open market offer and direct sale. Ocupantes coordinates the whole negotiation process, always defending the client's interests, keeping record of all rounds of negotiation until the deal is closed.

Closing the Deal

Ocupantes will provide full support to the client's lawyers in the preparation of Letter of Intent, Purchase Contracts and/or Lease Contracts.