To clients:

All our efforts are targeted towards a standard of excellence in all our services, thereby offering trust and tranquility to our clients, meeting their expectations, budget and timing.

Our whole team is trained to provide a serious and professional, and, above all, coherent and ethical approach in all negotiations, which guarantees our solid presence in the corporate real estate market as trustworthy providers and negotiators, including the respect of landlords.

Whenever requested, our position as defender of one side allows us to offer complete confidentiality for our clients

To our employees:

Maintain a work environment that generates cooperation and the desire to always improve.

Ocupantes is the first firm in the market to adopt proportionality in the payment of commissions. This means that for all steps of an assignment a fee is apportioned to the broker(s) involved. All who add to the final result are rewarded. This promotes cooperation.

At the end of each year we hold events that reward the best performers and promote integration and friendship.

To society:

Take efforts to improve the quality of life of relations and friends of employees of Ocupantes.

A project is under development to create a school to attend young talents that have lacked opportunities and direction to professional careers. Our aim is that this school can offer such a direction in a practical and motivational way, assisting the students in entering the employment market.